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Although Facebook pages will allow you to build a following without ad spend, that’s nothing in comparison to PPC ads. Facebook is a pay-per-click marketing platform. Meaning you will pay every time someone clicks your ads, you will need a solid Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) strategy that Imarketingsocial provides to help you get more customers to your website and increase sales revenue.

Just like Google Ads, Facebook PPC boasts a huge global audience, with more than 1.55 BILLION monthly active users, more than one-fifth of the entire world’s population, and that’s not including inactive or infrequent user accounts – Facebook has no rival.

Rather than just creating ads and sending them to a vast audience the true strength of Facebook ads comes from the granular data that Facebook captures from all its users daily, which Imarketingsocial will use to target Facebook users on your behalf.

facebook lookalike audience

“Facebook’s Lookalike Audience Take Advertising To An Unrivalled Level.”

People share almost every detail of their lives on Facebook. Taking every occasion from marriages, birth of children or celebration of new career moves, Facebook’s users share their joys and life’s other accomplishments with friends and family and network on the platform daily. Users also search and consume content which aligns with their personal interests, hobbies, ideologies, beliefs and values, presenting Imarketingsocial unparalleled opportunities to tailor ads, messaging to target audiences in ways previously impossible, no other network can make such a boast, with data on users Facebook holds which Imarketingsocial uses to our clients benefit. 

One the best tools that gives us the ability to create something called the ‘lookalike audiences‘. So we can upload customer information from Facebook’s own databases, then apply filtering based on in its own data including third-party data brokers and match users whose information the advertiser uploads. This creates a “lookalike” audience of users , allowing Imarketingsocial to double our reach of our clients advertisements by targeting new customers who share the same interests and consumer behaviour as their existing customers.

The Facebook Visual Platform

Facebook visual ads are very powerful. Facebook ads blend in videos, images, and other visual content seamlessly in Facebook users News Feeds. This enables Imarketingsocial leverage the the strong qualities of visual ads but in a way that conveys the aspirational messages that makes the ads so compelling.

facebook ad in news feed

Powerful visual Ad from Google on Facebook

Just like Google, Facebook is constantly changing how it can offer advertisers like Imarketingsocial and users, an amazing platform which gives both a satisfying and rewarding online experience. Facebook previously held the position, that ads on its platform featured text that was no more than 20% of the total ad area, which now has changed. Despite considerable changes to its advertising governance rules, Facebook is still to date a visual platform- which is a major benefit to Imarketingsocial and other advertisers.

Facebook's Incredible ROI

Facebook’s targeting options are immense including tools they provide to create beautiful, engaging ads. One major aspect of Facebook Ads that takes clients by surprise is the potential return on investment (ROI) that advertising on Facebook offers, and how Imarketingsocial stretches a limited budget on the platform benefiting our clients.  

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Facebook’s affordable budgeting= potential sky-high Return On Investment (ROI)

30% of U.S. Senior Ad Buyers say that Facebook offers the highest ROI on their digital ad spend (eMarketer).”

Users watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound.”

A Facebook budget will vary greatly depending on a range of factors including scope, messaging, and overall campaign objectives. Facebook ads are unbelievably affordable, especially considering their impact and the minute detail with which Imarketingsocial can target your ideal audiences. This competitive pricing makes Facebook ads attractive for small and medium sized businesses with limited resources – not just big brands with big marketing budgets. Combined with amazing returns offered by Facebook producing one of the best-value ad solutions available today. 


“average Facebook ad costs for your convenience”

facebook ads cost 2021
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Instagram Paid Ads

Instagram is owned by Facebook and is fast becomming one of the biggest social platforms in the world alongside Facebook. Imarketingsocial also specialise in promoted ads on this platform if you wish to learn more about what we do on Instagram please click the link below.


Selecting the Right Campaign Objective

What message do you want your Facebook PPC ads to convey to your audience?

Facebook Ad Center offers two objectives, each of which Imarketingsocial will target – these are considered small objectives:

  • how the ad to affects your target audience personas
  • the size of your business

Ask yourself a question: how do you want your target audience to perceive this ad? Do you want them to get acquainted with your brand? Do you want to raise awareness about your brand? Or do you want them to purchase your product or service right away?

No matter what type of industry you are in, you will benefit from the awareness and consideration objectives. Ads which hold to these objectives always do well and get noticed more. The conversion objective is for businesses who have already successfully created brand awareness and mainly focus completely on increasing sale.


Deciding on which Ad placements we should choose

When considering a Facebook PPC campaign, you will find not every ad placement option will work.

  • Facebook News feed
  • Instagram feed
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Video feeds
  • Instagram Explore section
  • Messenger Inbox and sponsored messages
  • Facebook In-Stream Videos
  • Stories on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram
  • Instant Articles
  • Facebook right column

There are two options to place ads:

  • Automatic: Facebook favours this options (it’s also pre-set) because it automatically reaches your target audience through the channels mentioned above.
  • Edit Placements: allows us to exclude certain placements. 

So which is the best option to target our clients audience?

So generally for the purposes of digital marketing, you might think we will automatically start a automatic ad placement as the best idea, but it doesn’t always work for your target audience but we will find the best option for your ideal audience.

If you have followers on your Facebook page, Imarketingsocial will look at the content that engages the target audience the most.

facebook post types 15112020

This kind of customer feedback will help us make your ads more targeted by choosing the right ad placements.

Ad type considerations

We will use the statistics from Facebook Insights to find the best ad type that will drive the most engagement to your Facebook page. According to the preferences of your target audience we will choose one of three ad formats:


facebook ad creative 15112020

We can also choose from an existing post that has driven the most engagement, from which we will use as a paid ad with awareness or consideration objective, for instance. 

This is just the basics of what we do to make sure we maximise your business on Facebook which only a few companies can do.