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Google AdWords or Google Ads is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad platform. There are many other big platforms that have PPC advertising such as Facebook but Google have two main ways to reach people: 1) through the Google search network and 2) through the Google display network.

While these two methods are different in nature, both have a PPC bidding system where Imarketingsocial on behalf of their clients will bid to have your ads shown to relevant audiences.

The Google Search Network allows you to show your ads based on the keywords you have selected to users who are actively searching those keywords that relate to your product or service.

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“Has you can see text-based ads provide unbelievable opportunity to get the brand and message across to your potential customers, who are at the research stage of finding a product or service which you offer. They are at the beginning stage of the sales funnel – text ads are marked with a ad tag by the advert” 

Another thing to point out is that Google also offers ‘Image Ads’ which you can see in the above image on the right and ‘Gallery Ads’. These are more amazing features we use for our clients which can be applied to almost every industry if the client wishes. In the past these ads were known as rolling ads they are primarily used for re-targeting campaigns.

Now the Google Display Network works in a different way. Instead of having ads being shown for potential customers who are looking for your product or service “Display Ads”, “Banner Ads” are displayed on websites that your target customers visit.

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In this situation the customer is not actively looking for your product or service but the chances of them wanting to click the ad while visiting a website increases. Display ads is more useful in re-engagement campaigns, meaning targeting people who have already visited your website and displaying ads through other websites they are visiting to get them to revisit your site to purchase.

“Google’s display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users”

(Google Content Network)

Intelligent Campaign Design

Google Display offers many different advertisement types that Imarketingsocial can deploy on behalf of a client helping them return the results they are looking for. So through the Google display network you can choose between the following:

o Text ads – replicate the look of a search engine results listing
o Images – when a clients product or branding needs to stand out
o Rich media ads – when the client wants their advert to become interactive, based on audience and engagement
o Video ads – when the client wants to use video – or appear alongside or on top of the right kind of video

We will create a campaign based on proven research methods that will see the right people engaging with your brand.

Should I Give Google AdWords a Try?

There are different platforms available such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc when looking at PPC options.

Google Ads are without any doubt one of the most effective ways to drive brand awareness, Google is primarily used by people who know what they are looking for when it concerns a product or service, Google Ads allows the searcher to connect with the products or services within time, location, keywords, etc where advertisers target those people at that precise moment.

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“The average click-through rate of an ad on the Google Display Network is four times as high as the average banner ad in the US and almost ten times as high as a Facebook ad.”


Adwords Builds A Larger Audience For Your Business & Brand

One of the advantages of advertising on Google is the huge audience available through its platform.

When a business opens its door for business, the biggest challenge will be brand awareness, in the past building a brand was a long arduous process that took time, money, and perseverance, but with Imarketingsocial by your side, this will be an easy journey. 

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People can definitely build a business if you can wrap your head around ad creation, setting up ad campaigns, research, keywords, text ads, etc plus understanding the intricacies of Google’s display network.

In this day and age whether you are a small business to the biggest corporate learning these skills and keeping up with constant changing algorithms that Google impose constantly means that you need someone like Imarketingsocial who are experts in this field with our partners giving you unbelievable results usually reserved for corporate businesses, but available to all at low-cost competitive prices

Google Ads Produce Results Faster Than SEO

Having Onpage SEO is always a good idea, as you may of noticed we offer SEO also as part of a digital marketing service which will dramatically increase web and mobile traffic but no matter how large your business is, SEO takes time, and not all businesses have that luxury.

It can be argued the biggest advantage of using Google AdWords is to reach your audience. Launching a PPC ads is the equivalent releasing water from a dam you will see results very quickly.

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Advertising through search engines (Google Ads) bridges the gap between SEO and a social media campaign, which brings traffic immediately reaching your target audience. There is no need to wait months or even years for keywords to rank in search engine results pages. 

Ultimately, nearly all businesses will benefit from a combination of Google search advertising and an SEO strategy. This approach is generally coined as search engine marketing bringing together the best of both worlds.

SEO looks to the future helping you to reach your target audience further down the line. When looking at Google ads, social media ads, Display network advertising, remarketing are all amazing tools bringing in short-term, instant traffic.

Youtube CPV (cost-per-view) paid ads is also now becoming one of the quickest ways to reach a large audience quickly, which again Imarketingsocial also offer. 

“Remember you only pay when someone clicks your ad”

(Google Content Network)

Google Ads can be scheduled to reach the right people at the right time

This is very important and essential to target the right people at the right time with the right message at that exact moment when they are interested in your product or service.

It must be said that different platforms have different strengths. Google in this regard is quite unique.





Youtube (which is owned by Google) advertising is a awesome way to tap into the power of video to reach your target market, especially when remarketing to people who have previously taken a keen interest in your product or service. 

Another amazing feature of Google ads (and the display network) is that advertisements can be scheduled in advance with certain rules.

So as an example, if your brand is a chain of Fish and Chips businesses, you can set up Google ads to promote lunchtime deals during daytime hours and different meal deals at night. You can also stop running a scheduled campaign whenever your business is closed.

Use A Remarketing List To Reach Your Audience With Specific Pieces Of Content

We have mentioned remarketing on a number of occasions above, which is also known as retargeting, there is a valid reason for this.

Remarketing allows you to use a list of people who have visited your website and thus create a remarketing campaign to bring them back. So if you look at the ecommerce sector retargeting becomes very effective because Imarketingsocial can encourage your target audience who visited your site and left to come back and complete the purchase.

Another reason remarketing is so powerful, is because you can combine it with other types of segmentation. 

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So segmentation can be used to split your target audience by keywords, Google Analytics data and much more. You can also create different content for different audiences.

This then brings us back to the premise of reaching the right target customers with the right message at the right time.

So remarketing allows Imarketingsocial to further accurately target people with PPC ads, ultimately producing amazing results, one of the best ways to drive up conversion rates. 

Adwords Are Measurable And Scalable

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One of the great benefits of having a Google AdWords campaign is that it is fully measurable, like many other digital marketing strategies.

This becomes more apparent when you combine it with Google Analytics and other measurable tools. This is true whether you have a very small website to large e-commerce stores.

This is important has you push more customers to your site but pointless unless people take the important step of purchasing your service or product. So Imarketingsocial will make sure you don’t end up in situation were you have a high click through rate and a low bounce rate were you won’t be running at a loss unless you also achieve a high conversion rate.

Measuring your click-through rate and conversion rate means that once you’re satisfied with your PPC advertising performance, you can scale the ads up to drive even more traffic and to further boost conversions.

If you find your budget is running low then you can also scale it down.


Working with Imarketingsocial.com will result in the following:


  1. Drive relevant traffic to your website
  2. Get More phone calls
  3. Increase website leads & sales
  4. Measure the success