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Once you have signed up, you will be directed by easy instructions which will guide you through this process.
Once completed, a member of our team will be touch within 24 hours moving your project to the research phase.
We will begin an in-depth research into your industry and business, from which we will enter the content creation phase. The first media posts will be created that week.
When our proofreaders have worked their magic, the team will email with previews of your first week of posts.
Then all that is required is to ask for revisions or approve the work to get the campaign started.

No, there is no need to commit to any contracts.

Meaning, if you decide you no longer want to carry on with the services we provide, you can cancel any time, you never make another payment.

We have a dedicated team that log into your social media accounts (Instagram and Twitter) manually every working day, to follow and like relevant profiles/content, which increase the targeted reach and followers.

Absolutely yes! You can post as much as you want, it won’t affect the work we are doing for you.

Once the signup process is complete, the work will usually start within 4-7 days before your first week of social media posts become ready for review.

Ultimately our work were doing is to save you time and effort, so once you have signed up there is nothing else we need apart from images and any information about events, promotions, offers etc.

There is a misunderstanding when issues concerning the number of followers are raised, meaning it is all about the numbers, but this is not accurate. Many agencies will use bots that generate thousands of followers per month - but these followers are without doubt fake.
We focus on and getting followers that are firstly interested in your business who will then engage and eventually willing to buy your product or service.
So the number of followers will depend on a number of factors which are your industry, the package you choose and the quality of content. To give you some guidance a recent men’s clothing brand that hired our services (including Facebook Advertising and our Follower Growth Service), which saw the following results - 582 new Facebook page likes, 349 new Instagram followers, and 297 new Twitter followers in their first month.

Facebook uses an algorithm which favours paid content, thus to grow your audience on this platform there will be a need for a small advertising budget.

But don’t worry this can be solved for as little as £40/£50 per month which is included in every package has standard except for the 'Starter Package'. The more you invest the greater number of targeted potential customers can be reached aided by the techniques that we employ.  

We believe in the quality of our service, that is why people stay with us.

We therefore offer all our customers a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So, if for any reason during the first 14 days you feel you have made the wrong decision, we will refund your payment in full.

There is absolutely no risk, give us a try and sign up today.

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