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Facebook Ads is a very important part of Facebook advertising, in 2013 Facebook changed their algorithm to favour paid search over organic, meaning that although natural organic posts will get traction which in turn increases visitors to your Facebook page, only IF you keep posting good relevant content (which we do on your behalf). FB will increase that traffic to your Facebook pages if you decide to pay for the paid ad service.

We have an amazing team of experts who will get the highest conversion for the money you invest in Facebook ads, meaning you will get more paying customers for your business resulting in more bang for your buck.


What you get in this option –

pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 2 FACEBOOK ADS CREATED: after discussion with the client to their requests, we will create –

pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 2 Ad Creatives 
pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 2 Image Content                                                                                     pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 FROM THE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK WE WILL FINALISE 2 FACEBOOK ADS


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Choose the Right Ad type

After analyzing your business and have an initial discussion to determine the right Ad type to suit your business. Initially starting with a single ad type for eg. Website clicks or a combination of Ad types such as page likes, fan engagement, post engagement etc.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Location & Demographic Targeting

We will set up your ads to run at the right areas at the right time and target the right age group. Location targeting involves countries, counties/regions, cities, ZIP/postal codes, addresses or specific areas to display or exclude ads to users in those locations.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Behavior & Interest

We will identify the potential customers for your business based on your customer’s behavior and interest. The ads are optimized to reach users based on purchase behaviors or intents, device usage and more.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Ad Creative – Eye-Catching Image ads with call to actions

Imarketingsocial will create and test stunning Ad images with right call to actions ensuring best click through ratio (CTR) for your business.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Bid Refinement

Identify the best performing ads, locations etc. and allocate budget for maximum performance.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Re-Targeting

Remarket to potential customers who have visited your site previously, by setting up re-targeting pixel in your website.


pngfuel.com 12 facebook 1 Conversion Tracking

we will implement conversion tracking on your website and track conversion, cost per conversion etc. to fine-tune the campaign for better performance.


Ad Types available through Facebook

Facebook offers a wide range of advertising options, not all will be suitable for your business but we choose the right options from the list below based on the nature of business.

  • Clicks to Website

This option is similar to Google Adwords, when the user clicks on the image or link it will send them to your website or a landing page.

  • Website Conversions

This will help increase conversions on your website which is then tracked by implementing a conversion pixel on your website.

  • Page Post Engagement

If you have important posts, say for example discount or promotion or special offers we can boost your posts.

  • Page Likes

Promote your FB Fan Page and get Page likes to connect with more of the people who will be your future customers when they see your offers and posts resulting in interaction and likes.

  • App Installs

Promote installs of your mobile app (if app available and requires promotion).

  • App Engagement

Increase engagement in your app.

  • Offer Claims

This is very similar to a coupon system where you can create offers for customers to redeem in your store.

  • Local Awareness

Reach people who travel through, or live near your business.

  • Event Responses

Raise attendance at any events you hold (if available).

  • Video Views (if available)

Create ads that get more people to view a video, this turns cold leads to warm leads resulting in customers visiting your FB page or website to further investigate or buy your product or service. We also can create video ads just email to enquire.

Detailed Reports on


  • New Page Likes
  • Post Engagement
  • Post Reach
  • Website Clicks
  • Goal Conversion
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale)
  • Overall Traffic & Conversion Ratio



Additional Package Information

If You Require  an Ad Spend of $20,000 Plus – Please Email – info@imarketingsocial.com For Purchase

From: $170 / month



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