Starter Plan

What You Will Get?

The Starter Package is catered for small companies & start-ups who have gained some traction online and now wish to expand further, we have increased the number of posts in this package for Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business. This will allow more organic growth within each of the social media platforms as each will increase traffic through each of the platform’s algorithms aided by Imarketingsocials smart ad techniques to grow your audience, customer base, and influence organically. 


If you wish to add Facebook or Google Paid ad posts please add below.

8 High-Quality Branded Posts Every Week on 3 Platforms 12 facebook 1  8 Facebook Posts Each Week (Facebook posts can be posted to your instagram logo 1 Instagram page if you wish) 15 twitter 1 8 Twitter Posts Each week google my business 10082020 8 Google My Business Posts Each Week

  1. A Content Strategy Designed to Boost Social Engagement
  2. 24/7 Analytics Dashboard
  3. Use of Hashtags to Grow Visibility and Engagement
  4. Minimum 3 Months of Commitment Required for Best Results
  5. Secure Payments
  6. Upgrade any time, additional Add-Ons available at checkout
  7. Cancel Any Time
  8. Customer Support

Additional Package Information

From: $130 / month



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