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Youtube is the worlds second largest search engine simply from the sheer number of users it boasts which is more than 2 billion users. Since YouTube’s inception Imarketingsocial has seen more and more consumers choosing YouTube over other traditional outlets for their media consumption. Unlike other types of media, we gain a greater knowledge of the user’s demographics and interests. This is what makes YouTube so powerful.

In paid marketing we refer to a ad being clicked as PPC pay-per-click but Youtube paid ads are referred to has CPV cost-per-view.

When watching content on YouTube, you will often see CPV advertisement displayed before and during the video. YouTube call this TrueView Advertising, which are video ads with a skippable format, meaning you can skip the ad after viewing it for 5 seconds. The users who continued to watch the ad are considered more qualified than the same person viewing the same ad on TV , it also must be said, TV ads themselves are changing tact and targeted through digital channels such as YouTube.

YouTube Ads can be played either at the beginning of the video, or during a long video or in the side bar and in search results.

What are the benefits of YouTube TrueView Advertising

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What marketing benefits can you expect when using YouTube Ads?


YouTube in truth is a win-win for the client and the customer, because Imarketingsocial will target viewers who are more likely to see videos they are interested in, because Imarketingsocial would have targeted that audience, their interests, Geo-location etc, which are matched by the product or service that our client offers. So has one of our clients you will get more views from people who are interested in your advertisements.

Another great aspect of YouTube Ads is that you can choose the price you are willing to pay for the clicks. This allows us to target your desired audience with additional level of security and control on how much you are willing to pay to reach that audience.


Has mentioned before YouTube’s users top 2 billion, but YouTube ads allow our clients to reach a larger number of people because they also appear on other publishers site’s which are part of the Google Display Network. This will allow us to combine the power of YouTube data with that of the Display Network and reach further out of the YouTube matrix .


In a Youtube TrueView Ad videos have many different formats. This gives our clients the freedom to choose short videos or long videos (i.e. more than 30 seconds). In terms of getting your message across you could opt for testimonials, branding, messages or a video showcasing your product or service in action. In addition TrueView Ads are opt-in, meaning no time limits apply, so you can take all the time you need to deliver your message so long as the message is compelling enough to keep your audience interested.


Users don’t need to watch the entire video or even click on the ad itself to convert. So how does this work? Well if you make a strong first impression your message will stick in the minds of the audience whether they continue to watch your ad or not. This usually results in the user returning to your site in the next following days to purchase your product or service. You will not be charged for this type of conversion because the user stopped watching before the 30 seconds but the conversion to purchase happened later making this ‘free’ marketing.

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“70% of shoppers say they are open to learning about products from brands on YouTube, according to Google “

(Google/Magid Advisors, U.S., “The Role of Digital Video in People’s Lives,”)

Imarketingsocial's Approach To YouTube Ads


There are allot options in terms of placement of the clients video ad within YouTube, but in principal there are two advert types which YouTube offer and Imarketingsocial will help you decide which one is the best fit with placement. 

What’s the difference between the two options – “In-Display”ads & “In-Stream” ads

TRUEVIEW DISCOVERY VIDEO ADS (formerly known as “in-Display” ads)

                                 youtube trueview discovery ads


TrueView Video discovery formerly known as “In-Display” ads, is a ad format that promotes your video on YouTube search results page which will be shown alongside related videos and on the YouTube mobile homepage. The ad will consist of a thumbnail image from the video which includes a headline and description.


                                                  youtube trueview in stream ads


YouTube In-Stream ads, sometimes known as pre-roll ads, is the most common format users are familiar with, In-Stream ads will play automatically before, during and after other videos and they can also be seen on YouTube watch pages, partner sites and apps in the Google Display Network. The audience after 5 seconds is given the option to skip the video if they wish. In-Stream ads have a variety of video formats, which includes Shoppable TrueView, showing products alongside our clients video, including TrueView for Action, and custom call-to-action that displays during and after the video.

Now we will look at the different VIDEO FORMATS that we use for our clients: 


VIDEO Formats in Youtube explained

TrueView Discovery Video Ads

• Client Ad can appear in search results, next to a YouTube video or YouTube mobile home page.
• Client charged on a cost-per-view basis.
• charge occurs when the advert is clicked to watch.
• Client will not face additional charge for a click-through to the website.
• Average cost-per-view varies from 10p to 30p.
• This format allows the client to reach campaign goals like brand and product consideration.

In-Stream Ads

Videos play before, during or at the end of a YouTube video.

• Possibility the user may skip ad after five seconds.
• Ads can appear on watch YouTube and on video on partner site.
• Clients are charged when the user watches more than 30 seconds or the whole video (charge on a cost-per-view basis).
• Viewer can click on the link to your website.
• The average cost per view can vary from 3p to 10p.
• This format allows specific campaign goal such as website traffic, product and brand consideration

Below you can see the many video ad formats we can choose for our clients after A/B testing to maximise your return on investment ROI.


VIDEO Formats in Youtube VISUALLY explained

youtube ad format 42
youtube format 42 2
(Google- https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2467968?hl=en-GB)

“The costs-per-view are unbelievably cheap producing amazing conversion rate return”


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